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DUSK MAIDEN OF AMNESIA For many years, the end of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was the saddest thing next to Bambi's mom being killed. The last 2-3 minutes made this an absolutely awesome series though. Then comes 2015 and this...
PLASTIC MEMORIES Even though you knew it was coming all along it still ripped your heart out & stomped on it. Then we were treated(?) to the death that hit me like a freight train. (btw I see dead, dying and severely injured people all the time in my job.)
SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO( You Lie in April) They kept your hopes up right til the end, then hit you with the feels train. And if her death wasn't bad enough, then they read her letter to Kousei & the title suddenly makes perfect sense as your already beat up feelings) get utterly destroyed. In over 30 years of watching anime, this was the worst for me. I cried like a baby with no bottle. Admittedly, watching the end of Plastic Memories and Your Lie in April in the same weekend was probably not a good idea. And now I'm bummed and going to watch RomCom SNAFU or Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika 
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