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Here is another we got married card GOT7 edition this card is more detailed!:))))
Wedding Dress!!
Honeymoon Location
House you settle down in
Hope you enjoyed this fun little game don't forget to tag me in your results!! More we got married cards will be coming out with different groups:) BTS Is next on my list
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so I marry JB no shocker there since i already knew he is my one and only soulmate. I dont know how to describe my dress by its wide at the bottom and tight at top. My ring looks to be a simple yet expensive diamond ring so my baby went all out by stayed classic. For our honeymoon we stayed at a place where our rooms have an aquarium build around it which is pretty scary if you ask me. My house looks to be medium size maybe like a 3 bedroom house with two floors front seems to be build with some stone pattern for half of it. And we end up having 2 kids which is what I really want, hopefully boys lol.
Tag me please!
can you make another one these are so good
can I be tagged. I'll tag you in my results
Since you guys liked my other card i thought you would like this got7 version @KatelynSummerso @amandamuska @MsLoyalHeart @MichelleIbarra @SerenityThao @KaeliShearer @CallMeMsDragon @SusiBosshammer @JustinaNguyen
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