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Just read a Soompi article! Armys remember that amazing pictorial of the guys decked in white?? Wasn't that amazing? Well they partnered with the scent CLEAN and wow I want kind of want to know how it smells....probably like freshly washed linens or something..... Anyways the article (I will put the link don't worry Gummyz) mentioned some of the members preferences in colognes (maybe perfumes as well)! Annnddd.....guess who wants to get a new perfume?!?!? Come on just a little guess. Hmm...give up??? ITS ME!!!! (Aish that was cheesy) Mainly, we saw Namjoon, Yoongi and Jeon's answers.....which somehow doesnt surpirse me ^~^ They ALL prefer lighter scents you know natural smelling ones! Jeon didn't surprise me because he has mentioned he LOVES our creams and scents that women have!! So yeah think of kind of girly but mature smells....currently what I am wearing is a Victoria Secret scent (cant remember the name but its like a dark pink and its not one of the main scents although I LOVE Angel!) My perfume is very girly despite me not being girly....ahh but its really strong kind of sweet so yeah.... wont be wearing that whenever I meet them I have the PERFECT scent in mind and its a Bath&Body Works one *insert evil laughter* this is going to be great!
I'm just imagining me in a bath and body works or something trying to come up with the perfect scent to seduce jimin lol
That's such a random thing to comment on, ya know? or is it just me thinking that lol I guess plenty of celebrities do make their own. I wear girly stuff too - when I actually where it haha Harajuku lovers is delicious for me
This probably be the only time i buy perfume. πŸ˜‚ And may i say they all look good. 😍😍😍
@SunnaWalo mhm same....maybe i should go to the mall this weekend heh