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Okay I know I haven't posted anything but I've got a lot of problems going on in my life so I'll probably do a couple of days in one card. Anyways! (This is going to be a LONG card)
Day 18: Gryffindor are daring, have nerve and are chivalrous. Thor is pretty obvious so I don't think I need to explain. Nick Fury took on a corrupted S.H.I.E.L.D. and has been shot A TON of times but still won't give up.
Ravenclaw prize learning, wisdom and intellect. Bruce Banner doesn't exactly like hulking out so he uses that big brain of his to help people!
Hufflepuff value hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty and fair play. Captain America is very loyal and will fight for what he believes in or he'll fight for his friends *coughCivilWarcough*. Hawkeye is dedicated to Fury, super patient (when you're a spy you gotta have a lot of patience) and is loyal to S.H.E.L.D. (He could fit in to Slytherin but I think he fits more into Hufflepuff).
Slytherin are cunning, resourceful and ambitious. Loki is extremely obvious, he's even wearing Slytherin colors! Black Widow is also pretty obvious (she could fit into Hufflepuff but Slytherin fits her more). Both Phil Coulson and Maria Hill will do pretty much anything Director Fury tells them and will do whatever it takes to fulfill Fury's wishes (both are half and half between Hufflepuff and Slytherin). Tony Stark because he's Tony Stark.
Day 19: Favorite Marvel Movie? Captain America: The Winter Soldier because Steve and Bucky. I ship it so hard *sings My Heart Will Go On* (pics found on Google).
Day 20: Hobbies? (I'm a collector of MANY THINGS) •I like collecting Pokémon cards. •I love collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and this isn't even a quarter of my card collection. •I love decorating my room. Some of those are random stickers I put on my wall and others are things I actually drew besides the posters/printed images. •I love collecting historical items. That wall scroll is from my maternal grandfather who lived in China when he was a little boy. I have more things I just can't remember what they are. •I love books, I usually read over the summer (ignore the random crap I front of the books). •I love playing video games, and this isn't even half of my video game collection. PS The Last of Us is one of my absolute favorite games •I collect anime/video game/movie plushies.
•I love watching movies, especially Tim Burton and Studio Ghibli movies. •I LOVE cosplay, it's so much fun and my current fav cosplay of mine is my Inuyasha cosplay (I don't know who this guy is but he is one of the greatest cosplayers I've ever seen).
Day 21 Marvel should hire X? Johnny Depp is one of my all time favorite actors. I don't know who he would be but he's an amazing actor that can go from a drink pirate to a vengeful murdering barber (Sweeney Todd).
Day 22: my fav hero in one word? I'll do two, one Marvel and one not. Bub. King. Answers below👇🏻
Day 23: I think Marvel should... I think Marvel should add in a shot/mention of Deadpool in every upcoming movie. It would be like the Stan Lee cameos except with the Merc with the Mouth!
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@MichaelOgg holy hell! We gotta get that S.O.B.! (That's son of a bitch if you didn't know btw)
I know exactly where he is but I have no proof so I can't do anything. I had every single hero card up until blazeman whom I was waiting the arrival of, 3 $70 mats, and loads of other expensive stuff I acquired
@MichaelOgg we shall find him and sacrifice him to the three Egyptian God Cards. What a jerk.
I had a massive card collection worth a few grand that was stolen by a guy I thought was my friend