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There is this guy that is trying really hard to get the attention of my girlfriend and is so far getting it. I talked to her about it but she still seems to fall for him. Idk whether to call it quits with her or just simply hope I don't lose her. Plz help me fast idk what to do.
In this case I would break up with her. They (whoever "they" are) say, "If you fall in love with two people, stay with the second one because if you truly loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second one" If you say she's falling for this guy and you've talked to her about it I would break up with her before things get uglier. If you think breaking up is going a bit far then talk to him instead. If you've already tried both talking to her and you believe in third chances then give one to her. «["First time: shame on you. Second time: Shame on me" kind of deal]» If my advice is of no help then I hope someone else helps you out.
I wouldn't end it unless you know for SURE this other guy and her have a thing. Otherwise it could come across as jealous. Really talk to her about how this bothers you and ask her if she has ANY feelings for this guy
I've seen both sides man and it hurts. Essentially what he will try to do is look more exciting than you and be everything you aren't. Perhaps he goes out a lot, hikes a lot, works out, plays an instrument. Try to improve yourself or add new activities in your life. If she ends up doing anything with the other guy then you know she isn't worth the pain and effort to keep her around. Improve yourself and if she's going to do anything, she's going to do it. Best of luck
Are you sure it's romantic attention & not friendship? If so, I'd talk to her about it & see what light she is seeing his advances in!
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