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Depression and tragedy
Semi smut


I wanted to try another fanfic but with more character and with a plot and story to it lol I want to try an make a story that hopefully catches your guys attention and that involve more scenarios I also wanted to add other ship like other kpop lovers to the plot I want to make it emotional but funny at the same time so I Promise I won't rush it and I'll check my grammar and to correct my spelling before posting it up... I will at least try too lol haha

The story will mostly revolve around them three Namjoon (Rap Monster) a childhood Friend of Taehyung (V) JIN is a friend of Namjoon they became friend around middle school when Namjoon moved away from his hometown V and Namjoon use to be closer then anything they were inseparable, almost like that one say "they were tied by the hip" but something change inside of Taehyung something only Namjoon an Taehyung Knew the reason to the cause to why their friendship was shattered but what happens when your childhood friend appear and the guilt you held start to burn inside you again and the nightmare that stop long ago return once again how could you face him after what happened "your heart beat was the song that played in my music box but when you left it wouldn't play not a single tone because you took the key long with you "
Tell me if that sound Cool lol I hope it does
tell me if I should go through with it and make the story and if you'd like to be tag
Thank you go easy on me an hope you like it an clip it

@LisetteZapata thank lol
Nicely done 👍😊
@twistedPuppy I can't wait for it then!
@twistedPuppy The plot is great, and I bet the story will be great too. Don't doubt yourself so much, you'll do fine. ^-^
This honestly sounds super interesting and I'd like to see how it turns out, so please go through with it and tag me as well! ^^
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