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The 51 year old all-time home run leader in baseball is not anywhere close to making it to Cooperstown.

Despite being the all-time home run leader and showcasing incredible baseball talent during his career, it looks very unlikely that Barry Bonds will ever pass the Hall of Fame ballot during his eligible years as a consequence of his suspected/alleged PED use during his playing career.
Bonds, who has been recently named the new hitting coach for the Miami Marlins, stated in an interview,
"God knows I'm a Hall of Famer. I know that I'm a Hall of Fame player. I don't really need to get into that. I'll leave that to you guys to make that determination. That's not my fraternity."
He went on to say this:

"But in my fraternity, in Major League Baseball, there's not one player that ever could sit there and say that I'm not one. There's not a coach who ever coached me that says I'm not one."

Ken Griffey Jr. who has been selected in the 2016 Hall of Fame class with an almost-unanimous vote, supported Bonds when asked whether Bonds deserved to be in the Hall of Fame.

"Yeah. I think that overall, when you look what people have done, yeah. It's not my vote, so I can't vote for him. But if you look at what he's done, those numbers speak for themselves."

Sports fans, do you think Barry Bonds deserve to be selected into the Hall of Fame?

@duckthefodgers...are you talking about Bonds? He wasn't all THAT unique of a player. One player comes to mind when I think of a player that is truly one of a kind.. RANDY JOHNSON
If they aren't going to let Pete Rose in they shouldn't let Barry Bonds in
Dude he deserves it. No doubt. There wasn't anyone like him in the history of baseball.
It was before the accusations.. That is true. So you are saying they only broke the rules when they got caught? That was a time when half of MLB was juiced up... Even the guys like Edgar Martinez, who seemingly had squeaky clean reputations. Check out Edgar's rookie pictures. He was scrawny kid.. A couple years later he has Popeye arms.. Hmm
@earzofcorn Wow you do feel really strongly about this issue haha
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