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Meet Basco, like the Tabasco sauce without the "Ta". I bought him from a humane-society that is over an hour away from where we live. When I was trying to choose the best cat for me and my son, Elyott, he was the one who ended up choosing us. He wanted me to love on him through the cage, but when I went to take him out to see how he would behave, (after checking out the other cats) he stayed in the back of the cage, not wanting to come close to me. I said to him, with my hands slack in the cage, "Now, you were just wanting me to love on you a second ago." With that, he got up and walked to me and let me pick him up. The lady that works there was like, "He never does that with me! He always wants to hide and wont come out." When she told me that, it made my own feelings about getting him that much stronger. So that's how he came to be a part of my tiny family. He is a very loving cat and very tolerant with Elyott, as well. Although, there are times where he gets irritated and bites at him. (He doesn't have front claws) Also when he gets really excited, he drools a lot. lol. Gross, but worth it. And he likes to be covered up with blankets. He also snores really loud... Lol
When we are home, you can always find Basco somewhere with one of us. Unless my dad comes, or some other male. He's afraid of them I guess. But here are some cute pictures of him cuddling with us. (Can you find him in the last one?)
And of course, if the door is closed, he's either waiting patiently at the door or very impatiently while sticking his paws under the door or meowing like a mad kitty for you to open the door. (Elyott still thinks that it was a monster ;) )
One day, after Christmas, I had my Marvel shirt that my brother and his fiance bought for me sitting on the arm of the couch. Out of nowhere, for no reason at all, Basco decided that he wanted to snatch it and run off. (I guess he likes Marvel) Anyway, as you can see, since he tried to take it, I made him wear it. Hahaha!
And so, for the part that I think is absolutely adorable and hilarious at the same time: The Video! Of Elyott and the cat playing with a laser light.
And for the last picture: My forever long time friend, Stinky. I've had him since before he was born. He stays at my parents' house because he is too old now and we don't want anything to happen to him and he's happy where he is. But I do visit him often. I love it when he gets excited to see me!
Basco is awesome though. I love black cats. Plus I love how he likes to rep the Marvel fandom lol.
Ahhhhh!!! 😻😺 Cuteness overload.
Absolutely adorable!
when I see Basco.. he remind me of my late black cat...😢 I miss her so much
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