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Waist down collection
I am just doing research for @KwonOfAKind report on ...(hm..what was it about??.. something waist?.. dance?..butt? you can ask her later).
Sehun did a great job.
Look it that... up up...I mean his move.
Kai's waist right??
I am thinking "nothing"
really "nothing".
Nothing at all!!!
Damn Please!!!! I am not thinking anything!!!! @Kwonofakind here is the research results!!
*clears throat* yes.....this was a strict investigation of learning how lighting can effect the way idols are perceived . hmm, yes I can say this experiment was a success the "lighting" is just terrific .. I will have to continue further research to confirm these results (^____^)
Damn Sehun 😰😍
@KwonOfAKind (*clear throat) ↞as Kwonnie way. Yes... I need more research "results" for my "just top & just bottom" collection!!!!
@lovetop "Booty Call".......I don't know what @Helixx cat has to do with this ;P (^_____^) but I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much evidence lol ~(^.^)~ . BRING ON THE RESEARCH♡♡ (I shall research as well.....but who shall I research next? hmm, I'll have to surprise you ) ~(^.^)~
@KwonOfAKind Let me know if u need more research on "Booty call"....😎😎😎😎
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