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Not sure if any of you are using Weibo. But congratulations on GD hit 10M followers on his account!!!!
Yes you did it!!!! GD is the best!!!
@lovetop I gotta be able to keep up with the Baes. ...they're back in Korea now (they got on the plane and got drop off a Gimpo airport) GDragon I see you liking people instagram photos but I don't see you posting ......*cough* I mean congratulations GD on your accomplishment... . . Shh, don't let them know....we're are "...." couple we must keep the truth about our research a secret lol
@KwonOfAKind You are a true stalker... Oops did I say out loud... I mean u r the "S" master.!!!!
Don't worry I'm on Weibo lol (The amount of apps that I've downloaded because of Big Bang is crazy lol) ■□■ Congratulations GDRAGON ■□■
Yes.... true S Master... will not reveal their Creeper ability in public. We will keep a secret like a Ninja.