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Not sure if any of you are using Weibo. But congratulations on GD hit 10M followers on his account!!!!
Yes you did it!!!! GD is the best!!!
Don't worry I'm on Weibo lol (The amount of apps that I've downloaded because of Big Bang is crazy lol) ■□■ Congratulations GDRAGON ■□■
@KwonOfAKind You are a true stalker... Oops did I say out loud... I mean u r the "S" master.!!!!
@lovetop I gotta be able to keep up with the Baes. ...they're back in Korea now (they got on the plane and got drop off a Gimpo airport) GDragon I see you liking people instagram photos but I don't see you posting ......*cough* I mean congratulations GD on your accomplishment... . . Shh, don't let them know....we're are "...." couple we must keep the truth about our research a secret lol
Yes.... true S Master... will not reveal their Creeper ability in public. We will keep a secret like a Ninja.