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hello guys! ready for some puppy love? what's more adorable than out got7 hotties and puppy's?

nothing! that's why I bring you guys Got7 featuring puppyS!!!
I'm making this card to welcome 200+ new followers to my igot7 loves collection! thank you!

now now Jackson! You are still way more adorable than any puppy... there is no contest, but yes it gets more adorable!

ever been to a puppy cafe?

well it looks like he enjoyed the puppy cafe!

we all know our adorable troublemaker baby coco! so cute!

Oh to be this pup! coco gets to go to all the places we kind of wish we were able to go!

luckiest little puppy ever! mark loves coco !

another random lucky dog! hehe

still the hottest puppy out there! wang puppy!

bam bam and junior get one too!

ahhh sooo cute!!!!

oh Jackson! he is one with the dog

Jackson... that's a donkey!

I didn't think they could get any more adorable! hope you guys enjoyed our boys with pups !

Thank you to all the new followers! i look forward to making lots of cool cards for you guys

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