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Is he really that sweet like the Exo next door he so cute an short but his face is like-- wait NOOOOOO!!! I take it back WAE!!!!!! I won't I refuse to like him
Like who does one have a sweet like look than goes from that to someone who he ready to punch someone in the neck for no reason
An then BOMB! He smiles an he a cute gently loving chipmunk and innocent
Then he haves that puppy dog eyes an smirk that just piss me off lol That how I feel about him now you can't say that I fell for him because I DIDNT But is he really sweat hehehe
I see you're still struggling
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D.O is my baby.. look at that beautiful smile and those eyes 💕💕
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@ElleHolley yes I am (-_-) how look scary af but smile an look like a sweet angel
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@AaliyahNewbell them puppy dog like eyes
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