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Ever wanted to cosplay as the Winchester crew? I dug up a few items that can be found on Esty! Some other stuff you can do it yourself and you don't have to break the bank having someone else do it for you! Btw we now the clothes they wear are super easy to come by, so that is a plus.
Btw the way let's give it up to the actor Osric Chau aka Kevin Tran! He loves to cosplay as different members of the Supernatural team and many other Fandoms! He is the ulimate fan boy and I mean that in a good way!
The Frist Blade, and Dean is not included!
Wing of Cas, they also come in Black too. Yup, no package deal.. Cas can't come. You think he would come with it if you lay out 2000 plus on some wings!
Here we have the Angel blade and Rubies knife. These are more modest in price at 50 dollars each
Let's fake it! This is a custom set that cost about 100 dollars. However I think you can make your own for cheaper and actually put your own face on it. I did it one Halloween when I went as a member of S.T.A.R.S from Resident Evil, I even made a umbrella logo.
These are absolutely my favorite, it's Castiel's grace! This runs you about 27 dollars and change. You also have to invest in batteries to keep that grace glowing!

Stay to one for more SPN props!

Osric Chau is my hero oh my goodness
I know! He Cosplays like a boss!