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Photographer Stanislav Bokach "Food preparation for the mahouts in the kitchen in the elephant farm, Chitvan, Nepal."
@alise I can see why you'd say that. Lol! I'm not sure if I would be either. It definitely looks like a lot of skill and carefulness would be involved in this kind of kitchen.
@yinofyang : yah, that is really beauitful ! but i do not know if it would be comfortable to cook in this kitchen or not hehee
@saharjalpari9 really? Where does your Vietnamese friend come from? In vietnam, those kitchen like this only exist mostly in rural countryside only :)
@saharjalpari9 Awww, you are very welcome. I'm glad it reminds you of home. :) @Tapsamai Thanks a bunch, Tap. @alise Isn't it amazing? I would love to be in a kitchen like that. @nollakolla Glad you like! I came across this randomly and I'm glad I did. :)
@Tapsamai dats soo kool all asians countries r soo similar in many ways I need to c Vietnam I have friends from Vietnam as well :-)
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