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Photographer Ayie Permata Sari "Lok Baintan Floating Market is a traditional floating market which located in the village of Pinang River (Lok Baintan), Tabuk River district, Banjar. Floating market activity begins at 07.00 pm until 10:00 pm. they sell various merchandise, such as vegetables, fruits, traditional cakes, and others. The interesting is a system of exchange of goods. At the floating market does not make money as a major transaction. Because the seller and buyer in the floating markets are still applying the barter system."
@cheerfulcallie It's all good. When I first saw it, I also had to Google. Gotta love this age of information.
honestly, i had to google, "Banjar", ive never heard of it.....but i know Indonesia...learning something new everyday....i agree, this pic is quite captivating..
@alise That's what I always thought too, but I suppose it is probably in many places. :)
So nice, I thought this kind of market is only exist in Mekong Delta, such as Laos, Cambodia, Vientam and Thailand
@kristenadams @Tapsamai Yes, it really is such a beautiful shot. I find the aerial view makes it that much more interesting. I'm glad it reminded you of home a little. E
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