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The first batch of Teen Top’s official fan club Angel was recently created. The group held a ceremony for the creation of their fan club and received lots of standing wreaths made of rice bags and briquettes. On May 28, Teen Top held the ceremony at Yonsei University and met many fans. The entrance to the University building was full of standing wreaths made of rice bags and briquettes. Fans from 7 countries, including, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, gathered together to send the standing wreaths and prove that the group is very popular as Hallyu stars. Teen Top received 1.28 tons of rice, which can feed over 7,400 needy kids. The group will donate the rice to help the needy. Teen Top’s fans from all over the world have been preparing hard to send the group standing wreaths made of rice bags. They previously sent those to celebrate the anniversary of the group’s debut and each member’s birthday. Teen Top will hold the ‘Teen Top Zepp Tour 2012′ starting on June 19 in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. The group received an explosive response by selling out the tickets for their concerts. They will also release their new album on May 30. Source: TV Report Translated by