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Yes, here at SPN we do celebrate birthday's. One of our own Winchester's birthday slipped through our fingers. That's an absolute no no on my party @KennedyCasey thank you for blessing us with you appearence in our SPN group! Birthdays are special and should be celebrated SPN style, Pie and Beer. The basic food groups of our beloved Dean Winchester.
As the wise Dean said "You’re Awesome" and "Happy birthday, don't shoot me." So @KennedyCasey happy belated birthday on behalf of The SPN community. I hope February 19th was super special for you! Xoxo L A Von Winchester
@KennedyCasey Happy belated Birthday
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@KennedyCasey happy birthday! I hope you had all the pie
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@KennedyCasey Happy belated Birthday!!!
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We just have to wait on Dean to bring the pie and the beer lol
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