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This is true @delaunross and I do listen to other opinions, but when people let their bias for shows, ignore facts, it pisses me off, like people saying nothing with chakra would effect Broly when it is shown in the Naruto manga, that Kaguya put all of humanity, when they had no chakra, under a Genjutsu. I hate biased opinions spitting on facts
that is a hard one lol um i dont see why it would be impossible @delaunross and @worldofelites that just kind of sounds like a plot hole to me how could she have done that if that goes against the rules of the show is it the same way kakashi was able to get sasunoo (lol bad spelling maybe) through a dead obito its called ass pulling every shounen manga/anime does it at least once
Kakashi never had access to the Susano'o. Kaguya never went against any "rules of the show" either. @JosiahDoyle When I brought up her putting the entire world under Genjutsu when only she and her 2 sons had Chakra, I was talking about something else. On a card asking who would win between Broly and Madara, someone had the stupidity to say that something made with chakra wouldn't have any effect on Broly. That's what I was talking about
have you never finished the manga?? if not then im sorry i assumed you did and i do agree with you in the regard of broly charka can hurt him he's not immune to attacks that is rather stupid @worldofelites so how did she put all of humanity in a genjustu with no chakra to manipulate there brains im asking seriously not trying to be an asshole if i come off like that i apologize i dont know everything
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