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Ji YeonHee ____________ (main character/you!) Min hwan (Ji YeonHee's boyfriend) A/N: This is a part 2 of the original series "Exo Next Door", this is a fan fiction created from imagination. All rights are reserved to the rightful owners. Please sit back, relax and enjoy! Summary: Exo has come back to Chanyeol's Grandpa's house to lay low for a bit with Ji YeonHee as their house maid. A lot has changed during the course of the months Exo had left, YeonHee had moved on breaking Chanyeol's heart when they returned! Crushing D.O as well! Now that all of Exo-K are laying low in the house a new love will slide its way into there lives leading to rivalry, jealousy and a hella amount of feels! What will _____ , a american transfer student who left seoul and her friend YeonHee to go abroad, do when she is caught in between? _____________________________________ Third POV ~ring~ The girl nearly tripped as she rushed to her phone grabing it in mid ring "anneyangiso!!" She says cheerfully hoping for it to be her boyfriend Min hwan, whom she got with and is very happy "Come. Now" a deep voice sounding like a angry bear demanded on the other end of the line followd by the dial tone. Ji YeonHee sighed and grabbed her sweater running down the stairs, of course Chanyeol was angry when he told him she had move on. D.O seemed pretty upset too, but she couldnt help her heart. She originally saw Chanyeol as a brother, not as a crush let alone a lover. She walked up the steps to Exo's house as she knocks on he door softy, it opening right away being gretted by Baekhyun. "Ji YeonHee~Ah, you came rather quickly!" He chirps leading her inside and into the living room. "Chanyeol called, it seemed urgent" she replied holding back the blush that threatened to appear as Baekhyun smilied his adorable rectangle smile. She had practiced and has more control over her emotions, mainly her blushing. "Baekhyun, what seems to be the problem?" She asks looking around to see if any of the members were around. "What did i tell you Ji YeonHee~ah! You can call us Oppa!!" She blushes but quickly recovers "okay....oppa" she says letting out a small fangirl giggle "Chanyeol is in his room, he locked him self..well Sehun did, apparently there is a cockroach" he admits as he sits on the couch with his feet up, indicating he was afraid as well "alright, i will take care of it" she says jogging into the kitchen , bending down to the cabnet under the sink grabbing the bug spary. As she got up she let out a mini scream, in front of her stood D.O peering into her face. "Ji YeonHee!! Did the cockroach get you!?" Brakhyin calls from the living room concerned but not concerned enouch to check for himself. "Ne! Its only D.O Oppa!" She reassures, at this D.0 raises his eyebrow in question "Baekhyun oppa said it was alright to call you guys oppa, if you want i-" "its fine" he cuts her off "hurry and deal with the situtation" he nods to Chanyeol's room. She nods "fighting!" She races up to the room knocking on the door lightly not wanting to scare Chanyeol or Sehun, who must have passed out by now "Ji YeonHee!!!!" Sehun screams "im comming in!!" ~Somewhere else at the time~ "Mom, im tired why do i have to work today? I will work tommorow promise!" _____ whines as she sweeps the dust on top of the counter of her granpas shop, that was a family business passed down from generations "_______! This is a family business which your granfather shed blood and tears for! Now that were back in seoul we will take care of it! You should be thankful that your aunt took care of this place while you had the opportunity to continue your American education! And not to mention your almost 20 and you are living under your mothers roof for free!" Her mother scolded, she visibly cringed at the last statement dropping her head and shame. "Ok mother, but we just arrived today.." She mutters not knowing her mother heard her with her bat ears "hun, this shop is only open during 4 days a week! And today is one lf those days!" She remids, her daugher sighs dusting away. ~back to EXO~ "YeonHee?" Sehun asks making the girl look up from sweeping the floor a meter away from him. "Yes?" She asks, "im hungry...and im craving kimchi" he says the members agreeing "but ...but!" She thinks of a argument not wanting to voice she is to lazy to do so. "Stop being a lazy butt and make up food" Chanyeol says looking at the wall behind her. Ever since YeonHee 'supposingly' broke his heart, he started avoiding any sort or interaction with her including looking her in the eyes. "But you guys have no ingredients!! If you guys want me to cook you better go out and buy the ingredients!" She says smiling at the defeated faces of the members. "Fine, guys gear up and lets find a store that is open on saturday at this time" D.O saying waring his face maks as the rest follow suit. The members walk in slow nice with the occasional chatter from Baekhyun. "There are no shops opened at this time!" Sehun sighes out fustrated. "Look!!" Baekhyun points out at a shop with had the sign 'open' on the front door, due to the freezing temperature out side the guys bolted inside, great full for the heat within the store. The store was big but had a homey feeling to it, all going there separate ways to retrieve items and extras. During this time, _______ has finished wiping up the counter at the cash register, she grabs her phone plugging the earphones in her ears as she plays a song full blast which is why she didn't hear they guys walk in. Putting on her mask, she started to re-shelf some of the items near the cash muttering te lyrics in tune to 'coffee-by BTS'. The members had got what they wanted and met up as they walked to the counter together, there was a bell which Baekhyun rang enthusiastically waiting for someone to serve them. At the coner of his eye Sehun saw figure, they waited patiently but no one came. Then they heard it. The heavenly voice of a girl singing a song by BTS. The girl walked into all of ther view her back facing them, the song had changed to 'boy in luv-by BTS' so she swayed her hips to the beat. Chanyeol cleared his throat gaining a flinch from the girl as she spins around letting out a supprised squeal. "Oh! Sorry!" She repeats removing her earbuds. The guys just stare at her not understanding a word the girl spoke, because of her mask , what she said came out muffled. When she didnt recive a reply she removed her mask gaining mental gasps from the guys. She was absolutely stunning, defiantly not Korean, more like foreign and Korean mixed. She had beautiful hazel honey colored wide eyes under her thick eyelashes, her lips were plump and her hair was tied in a messy ponytail making her look glamorous. "Im sorry" she repeats scanning the items her head hanging. "Its ok" Chanyeol replies which cant be heard by the mask so he decides to remove it aswell, she looked up and simply smiled at him. Truth be told she was taken back by his good looks but other then that she had no clue he was a world famous star. The gang stares at her in disbelief. That was not the reaction they were anticipating for at all. Baekhyun removes his mask. "So you listen to kpop?" He questions casually leaning on the counter gaining her attention. She meets his gaze and smiles wide "yup!" She chirps, the girl recently got into kpop due to a friend. "So youve heard of EXO" Sehun pipes up as she gives them a questioning look. "Exo? No, sorry i just recently got into kpop" she replies apologetically. "Who do u listen to?" "BigBang, GOT7 and my most favourite BTS! I have yet to learn about other groups out there" she replies, getting offened of the fact she hasent gotten to exo yet D.O looks out the window where it began to rain. "That will be 66,101.69 won" she says as Chanyeol holds out a card, as she retrieves it their hands touch sending an electric pulse up Chanyeol's arm making him flinch and making his heart beat go a wire. "Sir are you ok?" She asks as he clears his throat handing over the card, after the approval she gives them the items in double bags. "Enjoys your da-" she trails of at the sight of rain. "Honey! Were closing now!" ____s mom calls from within making the petite girl frown. "I would tell you to stay here and wait out the rain but were closing up..." She says sadly, but soon smiling widely taking the guys by confusion. "I'll be right back please don't leave yet!" She runs in and runs out with a pink umbrella "here, you can borrow this assuming you live in the neighbourhood" she says giving them a closed eye smile. D.O gulps down the lump in his throat as he mutters a thanks. "Byee!" She says waving as the guys assure out. Opening the umbrella which was very big and fit all of them. "She is something huh?" Baekhyun sighs dreamily unable to get her out of his head as the other members. "Yea...she is.."