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Sorry. I've been busy with work! So here's what I missed so far!
My hobbies are reading, video games, long walks, researching mythology and music!!
Actors Marvel should hire. Jude Law as Mr. Sinister!! He played/voiced a badass Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians. Johnny Depp as Mysterio or Kang!!
Not gonna use one word. I'm just gonna show u. My fave superhero is... Thor!!
I really think Marvel should consider making just a villains movie. Kinda like The House of Mouse Villians, but I think like a little get together and join forces and fight heroes! I want their sides too!!
@shannonl5 Jude Law is so badass!!
@LadyLuna I'd like to see him and RDJ working together again too :D
Jude Law would be great!!!! And I can def see them doing a villains movie if DC's Suicide Squad does well. They'd need to get some good villains though they've been a little villain of the week so far (villain of the year) with the exception of Loki