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Big Bang Japan MADE World Tours has ended. Now they will be back to Seoul for the last 3 concerts of MADE tours in March!!! They had done such a great job!!!!!!
We will miss them as Perfect Five.
Taeyang took this pic.
But who is taking this pic behind Taeyang???
@Sailynn @twistedPuppy I know.... soon... TOP... wuwuuuwuu😒😒😒😒
omg guys when i got to school my kpop friend was there and i hugged her and then she mentioned big bang's japan dome concert i was waiting for her to mention it but then i didnt want her to cuz i knew that we would jist end up crying πŸ˜‚ and well we did its so sad that soon they will enlist in the military and what if there isn't any more big bang after they all come back?!? we just stood there hugging and crying and our other friends hugged us and asked what was wrong it was that moment only kpopers would understand 😒 once we told them "its about a korean band" they just said "oh"
this make me so sad because T.O.P leaving *break down in tears*