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I'm sure this irritates everyone! When you mention kpop and people go, "oh! You mean like gangnam style?" I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST PSY, BUT KPOP WAS AROUND BEFORE GANGNAM STYLE!!! It's so annoying when that's all people know about kpop and they judge the rest like they're trash. KPOP IS NOT TRASH! I'M TRASH! BTS TRASH TO BE MORE SPECIFIC! I get it if people don't like kpop. But you can't just like gangnam style and smack talk the rest because they don't meet your expectation that every kpop song/MV is like PSY's.
The door is that way, feel free to show yourself out.
The phenomenon that is Gangnam Style is a tricky one. I was a fan of kpop many years before GS and the thing is, nobody new what kpop was before it. Thanks to PSY 9 out of 10 times you bring up kpop someone is going to know at least GS. It opened up many people to kpop yet it created a lot of hate for it too. I've stopped getting angry at GS when that's all someone knows kpop for. instead I use it as an opportunity to educate and maybe make a new fan. Sure the haters are annoying, but what can you do. There is always a hater for something fabulous. c:
Someone has finally said what I've been thinking about since I've become a kpop fan. I am also BTS trash!!!
I think Gangnam Style is to kpop fans what Miss Murder is to AFI fans. That being said, I can't say anything bad about it because it is my niece's favorite thing ever and anything that can stop a toddler from crying is a small miracle.
Dang AMEN! everything is so true! i also hate that ,that song literally every kid was dancing to it back when i was in fifth or sixth grade but i really never payed much attention to it i never danced to it or nun i didn't even know it was in korean but now that im a kpoper i know haha but the point is that anyone can get into kpop without necessarily listening to just one "popular" song that is what happened to me haha kpop has more to offer if u jist actually give it a try rather than jist enjoying one song and the next day getting bored of it or saying its old
preach it 馃檹