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dbz manga #8. read what Bulma says. she totally wishes she would've went for Goku instead of Yamaha
@TristanBlackmon Lol ik I was just making a joke
I agree they were close but I do think she talking about goku but in a joking manner. @invinsybll I think Akira just wanted a little humor
@MalcolmAllen it just doesn't make sense to me much, considering she's always been like an older sister to him
@InVinsybll nah she's talking about her blowing it with not trying to get with goku cuz she see's how awesome he has become. I remember this cuz I remember that moment in this episode of the anime.
lol I don't think this scene is about her wishing she'd been with goku. she's known Goku her whole life, since he was a literal child. I think it's more like she sees how far Goku has come in his life and wonders if she's not done enough with her own
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