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Mediocrity never helped me to be who I became being different and abstract thinking did I came across an opportunity that cost me $18 one time and guess what its a blessing. I was homeless the last 3 years of my life after some family issues. Im 22 years old and I can say at the end of 2016 on Christmas day mom will be going in a shopping spree all cause of her son. im grinding hard to be part of the 3% that never gives up and to provide for my family,friends,and those around me,and the new people I meet. Let's get it 2016 gon be a great year.
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what part?
Miami. How about you?
im from boca raton in Palm beach county. we're not that far from each other lol
Ah yeah. I got family in that area too. Yeah I got tired of Fla so I did bounce around cities lol. After living Miami my whole life, I was over itttt
same here where you live now