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13 year old Buddy is an interesting cat. Ex-Model he always looks stylish. Star Trek fan, or more accurate obsessed with the voice of Jolene Blalock.
Never gets enough baseball so he sports Dodgers Blue all year round and even gets a shave the day baseball starts to raise money for childhood cancers.
Recently has begun to try and imitate humans even more by trying to learn to smile.
He also enjoys watching Sesame Street, and Marmaduke. It is not uncommon to come home and discover him lounging and watching TV. He knows how to turn it on himself and to select the channels he is interested in.
In general a pretty unusual cat, who thinks every one (cat, dog, human, etc.) is just a new friend for him.
If it is baseball he us glued to the TV like industrial strength glue. He even has his own referee uniform and Dodger uniform. He wears one or the other every game.
I saw his Chewbacca one too! So cute!
Bahahaha, I like Buddy. Especially shaved Buddy because he's got a big fluffy head. <3 I see that he's a big LA Dodgers fan?