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I used to admire him and call him, "the maestro". Now I hate him, and the possibility that he will be the next US president is certainly not something I am glad about. But I have to tell you that there is a good chance that Donald Trump will win this elections, and here is why: If you followed political campaign poles in the last decade or so, in the US and in other democratic countries, you must have noticed the high percentage that the mystery candidate, "none of the above" was getting. Well here's the thing about Donald Trump - By cleverly utilizing his merchant skills, he was able to personify himself as mister none of the above. Trump is a very cunning strategist and I am sure that when he decided to run for presidency he deliberately chose a strategy, based on pointing out how much he is not like the other candidates. His rudeness, his shameless attacks on just about anyone, his absence from some of the debates - these are all steps in a carefully thought out plan. Trump is trying to win by not playing the game, and there is a good chance that he will succeed. Now I'm sure you are asking yourself, which Afro-American, which Hispanic, which woman, which anyone, would vote for Trump? but the pols and the results of the primary elections that we have already show that many people do want to see Mr. Trump in the white house. Why? well maybe because they think for themselves that at least he is openly saying what others think but political correctness prevent them form saying. For many, talking style and manners are not important anymore. They want actions. They want things to be done, to fix the plummeting economy, to deal with terror threats and so on. Donald Trump is telling them, "I am not like the rest of those nice talking bozos. I will get the work done!". The truth is that he talk more then anyone else, but being the genius marketer that he is, the message he wants to pass is what people hear. Will Trump be a good president? Hell no, he won't. He will be a terrible president. He will be worse than the two Bushes, Reagan and Nixon put together. But I don't think fearing that by itself is going to prevent him from winning. Maybe this is a good time for liberals in the US to do some soul searching and ask themselves if they were not too busy feeling so righteous, because maybe radicalism has just sneaked in on them in a new form.
@Straightshooter , I don't mean to disrespect you but it is exactly the attitude you show here that shows how big is the gap between reality and the way so many people in democratic countries perceive it. Putin did not get anything done but to get Russia entangled in wars and bring the Russian economy on its knees. Yet people in democracies ask why their leaders can't be like Putin. It only goes to show that there is something very broken with our democracy.
My boy Bernie need to come thru!
Legalize all marriage-a-juana
Honestly the Republican party itself is scared of him.
yeaaaah I'm getting my passport together and moving to these four places, either Canada , England, Scotland , or Japan (or south Korea)
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