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Hello to all my Pokémon nerds, today I am sharing all the op theme songs of Pokémon and comment below which is your favodite. Sadly I won't be doing Who's that Pokémon today, but today I am going to do a contest of "Which Pokémon (of the 151) will be on the next Who's that Pokemon." - Click here to chekc it out
The Pokémon with the MOST votes will be on the the next Who' That Pokémon Good Luck
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gotta catch em all!! the original
The first one is the best and the 2nd and 3rd are pretty good too but then it gets progressively worse over time. I do like XY tho mostly because it's a remix version of the original
Original started the journey 👍
The last one, just cuz its an updated version of the original.
Original and Advanced - Advanced Battle.