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Here we have this amazing group, ToppDogg, again making us laugh. Now with western male names!

By the way, can anyone else relate on 5:18 - 5:24 ??
I know I can when I'm trying to learn Korean or another language! Hahaha
Question?! Is anyone else falling for ToppDogg after these videos?? I know they already pulled me in especially Bjoo -_- lol
*CLICK HERE* To watch them pronounce Western Female Names!
Tagging Some People From My List From Last Time and Some People That Commented On The Other Video!
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Okay! Purple Jacket: A-Tom Peach long sleeve shirt with Glasses: Jenissi Black Hair Leather Jacket: Xero Red Plaid: HoJoon StoneWashed Denim Jacket: MY love P-Goon Silver Hair: B-Joo black Sweatshirt that doesn't want his neck Touched: Hansol greenish/Grey Jacket: Nakta blue Jacket Blonde Hair: Yano black Jacket White Shirt: Sangdo @AnnahiZaragoza @lovelikematoi
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Thank you so much @AimeeH
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@AimeeH Thank You 😊💕
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@merryjayne13 @AnnahiZaragoza No problem babies!
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MY BABIEESSS~~!! lol I love A-Tom's hair cut! ♡ Seriously, they're all so lovely and sweet and cute! ^//^ Please follow ToppDogg's ig too! its at (@)OFFICIAL_TOPPDOGG !
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