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Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

The next morning I'm woken up at 7 o'clock by his alarm clock going off. I let it go twice, but it snoozed automatically so it kept coming on again. "Turn it off." Honestly, I might as well be talking to myself. Because no matter how much I shake him he's not budging. "Fine." I crawl over him to click the off button. "There. I hope you don't need to get up. I'll just set it for an hour from now." While I'm messing with the clock he grabs me, pulling me on top of him. "What? Ready for another round so soon? I'm a little sore, but I bet I could manage." He's got a smile on his face and he sounds like he's still half asleep. "You finally decide to wake up?" "Doesn't really matter. My job is watching over you remember; so I can sleep all day if I want to." I lie down on his chest bringing my face close to his. "Oh you can, can you? So you're going to lay here and do nothing with me all day?" I sigh. "Sounds kinda nice." He kisses me a few times. "Well, we don't have to do nothing." He flips me over and suddenly we've swapped places. Now I have him leaning over me. He looks at me for a few moments and then laughs. "You definitely look like you belong to me." "What do you mean." "That, that, and all those." He points at random areas. Some on my neck that I can't see. But when he points to some on my shoulder and chest I see what he's talking about. "You left bite marks everywhere!" I start swatting at his arm and he laughs. He grabs my wrist to stop me. "Ow!" He looks at my wrist. "Whoops. Sorry about that." He lets it go and I look at it to see that there's a small amount of bruising. "You couldn't take it a little easy on me, could you?" He leans down and kisses me. "I think I remember someone telling me not to hold back." I narrow my eyes at him. "Smart ass." I put my arms around his neck, bringing him closer and he puts his forehead against mine. He sighs and it sounds a little like humming. "This is nice." "What is?" "Waking up and having someone next to me. Even just having someone in my life that I actually want to wake up next to feels pretty amazing." "Aren't you just so sweet this morning." "Don't make fun of me. I'll spank you if you're not careful." "That so?" "Sure is." "Well, I'm real scared now." He rolls me on my side. "Scared yet?" I laugh. "Not even close." "You asked for it." He spanks me and I yelp. "Damn! I didn't think you'd do it that hard!" "I thought you needed a reminder of who's in charge here." He smiles as he grabs my butt. "Knock it off!" "First tell me who's in charge?" "Fine, you're in charge." I push his hand away. "That's what I like to hear." He lies back down behind me. Grabbing me and pulling me against him so that we're spooning. He's like a blanket. "You're warm." "Thanks to you. I'm not usually this energetic in the morning, but you've got me all worked up." "Well relax because I thought we were going to sleep all day." "Maybe not all day." He runs his hand up my body and rests it on my breast. I grab his arm and hug it into my chest. "For now I want to sleep. Is that allowed?" He hums like he's thinking it over. "I suppose I could go along with that. Okay, permission granted." He kisses my shoulder and I can feel his breath on my back as we try to fall asleep again.
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the feels 😍😍😍
aww he's so cute and caring ❤❤
Awwww he is being soooo sweet! Love it
hot damn. awe so cute. warmed a cold hearted guy up.
awwww it's so cute. I just want tl pinch his cheeks