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Alright, next installment!! Thanks for sticking with me through all of this, I still have plenty to go. Okay, so in this one, the protagonist is 25 years old, so this might be for an older audience better (like me). I did like this one, and enjoyed it even the second time! 😊
Ok, so with this one, you, the protagonist, are working for a small mail-order company and you live at Mont Blanc Apartment complex. Suddenly, a celebrity, OMI, moves into the apartment next to you. He is a composer. And your boss loves him!
His real name is Masaomi, and he's in a rut with music. He is on hiatus for a break, and he has NO sense of direction. It makes for some pretty funny situations. He's easy to like and super sexy. He's my personal favorite out of all the ones I played. I also played Jinpachi:
I liked this one too!!! 😁😁
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Loved doing this one >.<
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Great card. Fun to read about this!
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