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Lipstick junkies, this one is for you.

If you've been keeping up with @nicolejb and her Myers-Briggs Personality Type cards [see here] then you might find this rather interesting. Incase you're not familiar with this test [you can take here], it basically describes your personality based on how you act in social and non-social settings. There are a total of 16 personality types ranging from extraverts versus introverts to judging versus perceiving.
To get creative, an editor over at Byrdie decided to incorporate the personality types with beauty -- in this case, lipsticks. In order to find out what lipstick matches your personality, you must first know your specific personality type or take the test above. After you've made it that far, keep scrolling to find out what lipstick is the right shade for you according to Byrdie.

Personality Type: ENTP

'She's outspoken and never shies away from a challenge. So, it’s only natural that she matches her lipstick to her go-getter disposition. A palette of bold and moody hues allows ENTPs to mix and match shades as they will seldom do the same thing the same way.'

Personality Type: ENFP

'She craves flexibility and is warm as well as enthusiastic. Her best lipstick is a noncommittal shade that almost matches her natural lip color, but can be amped up with a gloss (she’s known for her ability to improvise).'

Personality Type: ESFP

'Outgoing and spontaneous, this girl loves to work a room. She takes pleasure in material things (luxurious fabrics, lotions, and such) while maintaining a somewhat realistic and grounded approach to her daily life. She needs a classic red lip that’s both easy to apply and lasts all night—just like her.'

Personality Type: ENJF

'She's known to be loyal and cooperative, and her lipstick should be the same. It's long-wearing but versatile, as one can wear it sheer or opaque.'

Personality Type: ESFJ

'Her body chemistry customizes the color of this lipstick to a bright pink to match her warmth and cooperative nature.'

Personality Type: ESTP

'This woman enjoys all the finer things in life—so it's no surprise she wears a lipstick formulated with crushed rubies that comes with a travel mirror.'

Personality Type: INJF

'She seeks meaning and connection in ideas and relationships, seeking to understand others’ motivations and insights. As such, INFJs keep their lips nude and their words colorful. This lipstick is the perfect shade of neutral, leaving time to better implement their organized vision.'

Personality Type: INFP

'Idealistic yet loyal to their values, an INFP girls seeks to look just like she feels. A mauve color with just a pop of peach falls perfectly in line with her steadfast and idea-oriented personality.'

Personality Type: ENTJ

'This woman isn't scared to be bold: She’s frank, forceful, and knows the power of a red lip. Her lipstick should be long-lasting, super pigmented, and can’t dry out her lips while she’s quickly and forcefully implementing her plan.'

Personality Type: ISFJ

'This is the perfect sheer pink for the friendly woman who strives to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and at home.'

Personality Type: ISTJ

'This woman is serious about thoroughness and dependability. She reaches for a practical, warm rose shade that matches her personality and doesn't overpower her face as she works steadily toward her goals regardless of distraction.'

Personality Type: ISTP

'Because she’s interested in cause and effect, a smooth-gliding lipstick with a powerful color payoff is key. Have oxblood lipstick, will conquer.'

Personality Type: ESTJ

'She's practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact—right down to her lipstick. ESTJ’s love an easy-to-apply sheer coral shade that won’t take too much brain power away from her well-planned day.'

Personality Type: INTJ

'INTJs have original minds and high standards of performance—for themselves and others. So it makes sense that she’d opt for a product that is of high quality with an original color.'

Ladies, were the results accurate?

Ok, so I like INTJ, and ENTJ. But idk my personality type I just go for dark colors😂😂😂😭😭👌🏾💄💋
yes this fits my personality and it's definitely my favorite color to wear
Dark colors are always great, especially if you're feeling bold. To find out your personality type you can take the test I linked above :) @dimplequeen
infp and that is one of the shades I am drawn too but I like the nude look myself but the peachy coral colors are ones I do gravitate when I am feeling spunky. lol but I also like bright colors for fun today I tried a purple on and was almost tempted to buy it but then I saw a coral color and was like this would be perfect but I didn't buy either stuck with my chapstick
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