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Well, here's one of my pride and joys lol okay this was just a really derp picture xD moving on..♡
♡ Hehe hello, meet Siam!! :D a loving and caring little soul♡ She is one out the four (in total), meaning she has three other evil siblings! :') Her mother, Mittens (the most evil but adorable cat ever), was (and still is) a stray that I met in late November of 2014. & After caring for her (feeding and playing with), I noticed that Mittens was getting a little chubby (she was pregnant) and on April 18th, 2015, Mittens gave birth to the cutest and most evil kittens ever... In order of birth; ♡Madeline (f) ♡Salem (m) ♡Siam (f) ♡Raven (f) ☆THE MORE YA KNOW☆ :D
Meow (now)... Things to know about Siam chan Well first off look at that first picture... She sits weirdly xD very important to know lol *She picked this habit up from one of her sisters (Raven)♡ *Edit: I don't really have pictures of it but Siam enjoys sneaking into the dressers and napping in the drawers lol She also sneezes, A LOT!! lol bless her evil little soul xD Siam loves to go with the flow and just enjoys life...you can catch her sniffing random things that are outdoors. Not to mention she's always climbing trees!! And yeeeup you're right, she most definitely does get stuck in them. lol But don't worry she knows what she's doing
As I mentioned, Siam loves trees, so sometimes me and my bf like to call her a little monkey lol Or I just call her Mankey (like the pokémon). B) And there you go, now you know the secrets of Siam. her dark evil smelly secrets..jk. But over all Siam is a babe, and doesn't really dislike anything...well...she kinda hates water lol ...And she would probably most definitely beat you up if you cut down her tree xD hope you liked learning about my child♡ And good luck to everyone in this contest :3 ALL CATS ARE WINNERS!!
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@danidee why thank you, she sure is!! :) And to be honest neither have I, she is my first siamese cat. lol I've only ever seen them on television! And it is indeed (her fur), Its because her mom is a grey tabby, nothing like Siam here, actually none of Siams three siblings look alike, they are all different hehe how Siam ended up being the only siamese cat is a mystery to us all hehe
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My kitties like to go into drawers too so I always make sure they're closed <3 I actually do have a pic of one of them sitting in one
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@peahyr that sounds adorable xD haha//& aww, I want to see it (the photo)!!
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@Earsx18 maybe sometime <3
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@peahyr hehe whoop!! :))
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