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riding along in my automobile with grandpa
hiding from grandma because I am so done with taking pictures.
take my remote and i will burn you with my lazer eyes
just another lazy crazy day in Seok Hwa's life....playing at grandma's house and spending time with his umma (momma).
peeking at the neighbor lady next door
playing in the snow
afternoon nap with gradpa
getting comfortable on his new bed next to his umma's (momma's) bed.
Seok Hwa being Seok Hwa
Grandma playing dress up
sleeping on grandparent's bed because umma (momma) left him with grandma because grandma has been having dizzy spells and falling from her diabetes. he is like a dog. Sookie warns me when they are coming.
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thank you. he thinks he is royalty. he even carries himself like royalty when he walks. he is so spoiled just like his umma (momma). He talks too. my daughter taught him as a baby that if he wants something he has to ask in human language. he can say out, now, grandma, momma, treat and bye (when he is leaving or wants to leave) and when he wants a do open (which is all the time) he opens them. he is leash trained and when he wants to go for a walk he gets his own leash down and goes to the door. we think he is a dog in a cat body....lol
@H7zAngel I want to take my bigger cat out for walks but my mom is a huge worrier and she thinks something bad would happen to her lol
actually our vet said walking cats is healthy for them. she shouldn't worry. you just have to make sure if he hasn't been in a leash before to get a body harness and leash.
yeah I tell her it would be fine I don't know what she worries about I'm gonna keep trying to see of I can pursuade her. lol
Sookie! That's really cute!