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So, I found this game and decided to make a card. Thanks @PrettieeEmm for making ths game. The original game can be found here http://www.vingle.net/posts/1429051?shsrc=v
There are so many things I like about this picture of JB.
So what happen when your crush and your boy next door like you? The next few screenshots.
So my crush wants my attention. LOL He already has it. He just needs to tell me.
Opps. My boy next door is the jealous type. YoungJae chill.
And he makes his move. ~sigh~
Then there was BamBam. I think he is mad that I can't choose. It's not my fault that JB and YoungJae are perfect.
I see you there boy. Why? Biting lips is my weakness. ~feels stupid~
It was a dare at a party. He was embarrassed the whole time. I laughed nervously during this 'event'.
And then there was Mark who was secretly wooing me on the side. β™₯
sooooooo cute!!!
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Omg JB and Youngjae though 😍😍😍
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