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I have committed many mistakes in my life for which i hope i fix. One of those mistakes was leaving you at your worst time. I'm very sorry again because i wasn't there for you when you need me most. I'm sorry to say that i won't be back for a few weeks. Don't think that i'm leaving you again, i'll always be here for you and you know it. But i do have some things i need to get out of my chest. Recently, i have been visiting your father in jail and trying to help him because he threatened your life if i don't and i really don't want to lose you, not now. Also, I have an illness for which is currently unknown and i desperately need surgery on it or else it's not you who will be gone from this world. I'm sorry for lying to you, i'm sorry for making you worry and i'm sorry for the secrets. But how could i bare to tell you my sickness and about your father when you were already in so much pain. You're my one and only and i don't want to lose you.... not in death and not in life either. I know you're angry at me for hiding this or rather mad. I know you hate me now for telling you over a letter and not in person, but really, i can't face because i'm scared and i don't want to see your reaction. I'm sending you this from Jeju Island (I'm sorry if i spelled it wrong) and I am currently in a hospital getting ready.
Please, I'm sorry, I don't like hiding secrets from you and never these kind. I'm so so sorry.
With love,
Jackson Wang
Got7 team:
No Jackson can't just leave like that!!!!!
I am in tears right now.. I can't belive so much drama in this fanfic is like iam actually watching in it...lol..is intense and deep.. like what's next???!. I really like it..
JACKSON WHY *BREAKDOWN IN TEARS* my feels my feels are everywhere right now
U didnt spell it wrong ! 😊
omg I feel like I am actually watching it uugghh why leave like that uugghh tears 😢😢😢😢I could picture Jackson 😢while writing it and Mark while reading it this fanfic is with so much emotions wow 👍
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