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Funny Cat Show - Zeph the Bengal King

Zeph - short for Zephyr - is a 20lb - 3ft long F4 Bengal Cat who happens to be about the coolest cat in the world.
Bengals are named for the exotic wild/big cat that they originate from - the Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis). An F4 is the 4th generation born from the pairing of the full-blooded (pure) Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. The result is a bigger than normal - leopard print (small tight rosettes or wide-huge rosettes - called marbling) cat with a unique build (muscular, low to the ground, front legs shorter than back, larger teeth, larger paws, larger claws) that is also more playful, destructive, and intelligent than the typical domestic.
Another fun fact - Bengals, besides knowing how to par-tay - also know how dig into some SERIOUS nappy time. He's the king of snuggling down into just out of the dryer warm laundry and getting his sleep on. He sleeps on average around 17-18 hours a day.
This means that when he's up - he's up... he loves to climb, jump, run, roll, fetch (yes like a dog and he'll bring whatever you're playing fetch with back to you and drop it right in front of you), and hide and seek (he'll take turns running and hiding from you then chasing and looking for you).
Zeph likes music and will sing along - making scary cat crying sounds to music - I can't decide if he likes it or not - but it's very similar to how hounds will bay at music - he's pretty much the most unique cat I've ever experienced.
He's totally full of himself.
He'll totally steal your food if you are not watching. And meat? Forget about it... he's a straight-up carnivore and loves him some chicken, turkey, and fish. He'll beg for food at the dinner table like a dog. And he'll steal your cheese and crackers if you aren't looking.
He's a tropical cat by nature - so the dry & hot SoCal summer can be a bit taxing for him. But he's smart... he's discovered all the cool places in the house other cats won't dare venture - like the bathtub - to stay cool.
He's LARGER THAN LIFE - no - really - he's a BIG freaking cat. Most male cats max out at 8-9lbs - the largest domestic breed (Maine Coon) can average 12-15lbs. Zeph is 20lbs and still growing. He's over 3ft long and when he stretches - he's longer than my leg from heel to groin - I'm 6ft 2inches tall! He's a BIG boy...
But with his size comes a heart and spirit that is as sweet, gentle, and loving... He's a baby-doll. A true people's cat - or cat of the people. How about this... forget Trump and Hillary - I'd vote for Zeph if he ran for office.
In the end - I think Zeph is the PERFECT ambassador for the Funny Cat Show because he's awesome - funny - and always ready to do things that are frankly off the beaten cat path.
Plus - look at this guy!!!! He's got "Poster Child" written all over him! PLEASE LIKE THIS CARD AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR ZEPH!
@JonPatrickHyde Huh, that's pretty interesting. I'll have to read up on that before. I've always wanted to 'meet' a bengal cat up close, but I was always nervous about the inevitable six-hour flu I get whenever I meet a cat in real life!
@danidee - Bengals don't she'd or produce dander like house cats. He's actually a water cat (meaning the Asian Leopard Cat is topical and isn't afraid of water, doesn't mind getting wet). Zeph's coat looks slick, oily, but it's super soft. Fafoutis sheds like nothing you've seen... little black tuffs of fur everywhere... but never Zeph. Although I have read that Bengals are not officially considered hypoallergenic - I've read many testimonials from people with cat allergies who claim to not have reactions to Bengals.
My cat is 15lbs and to me she is a giant I can't imagine a 20lb cat but he's beautiful
Zephyr is seriously my favorite cat in the entire universe! I always love when you share cards about him. I am horribly allergic to cats, but bengals really fascinate me. I feel like Zeph is probably really unique even for a bengal cat!
@JonPatrickHyde comes from being treated right ^_^ cats get a bad rep for being mean but honestly they're a lot like people. They remember how you treat them and they don't forgive easily. But they remember kindness just as much as they remember cruelty.
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