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Hello Vinglers! Every Wednesday I'll be posting a card in my new WSDY Wednesdays Collection! We've all seen an anime that has two or more potential partners for are main character which makes it so hard to chose! So the question is..... (W)ho (D)o (Y)ou (S)hip!?! Today's anime is Vampire Knight❤

(Spoilers for those who are still watching the anime)

The main character in Vampire Knight is Yuki Cross who happens to be a pure blood vampire but doesn't find out until later on in the series. Yuki is so lucky because she has these two amazing hotties who fight and protect her and who lover her deeply which is why it makes it hard to chose! The first hottie is Kaname Kuran a pure blood vampire and basically the leader of all the vampires at Cross Academy. Kaname is actually Yuki's brother and her betrothed. Apparently those of pure blood families marry each other to keep the blood line strong. (So there's no incest lol) Kaname loves Yuki dearly and has been keeping an eye for her ever since she was young even when her powers were sealed and her memory was taken away in order to hide her true self.
Then there's Zero. Zero is Yuki's like Step brother who was taken in by Yuki's Step Father because his whole family was murdered by a vampire. Zero's family were vampire hunters and were teaching Zero hunting skills. Now older Zero still is determined to kill vampires as a hunter but there's one small catch.. He himself is turning into a vampire due to the vampire that killed his family. Since the vampire that bit Zero was a pure blood she was able to turn Zero into one as well. Zero would do anything to protect Yuki from the Vampires. Yuki always worried about Zero watching him turn into a vampire. She would even let Zero suck her blood so that he could survive. You can see how much they cared for each other in the anime.
Both guys have very strong feelings for Yuki! And Yuki has strong feelings for them so the question is.... Who Do You Ship?! Who's better for this lil cutie right here❤ Comment your answer below!!
the ending of the manga made me so upset in the end i was like "f*** Yuki f*** Kaname f*** all the characters Zero is better of with out them"😒😒😒 💙ZeroxMe💙 i can care for him better than anyone ever did😂😂
@AliceDarkfield @Mikazuki1 @JoJoTaylor 😆 If anything you all made my day❤
@JoJoTaylor @AimeBolanos @Mikazuki1 You're comments have made my day. And they're all so true
@MadLikeHatter @DebbyLindsay I wouldn't be surprised if the winner is Kaname x Zero lol
I agree @DebbyLindsay I love kaname and zero together they make a perfect couple
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