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posing silly to relieve the stress of her after school students who were testing for their new belts (which they all passed).
Instructor Cara and some of the tkd students
Cara with friends and family
more students at tkd
A fellow martial artist yeah
@BrandonAlexande she has already seen what she has to do. And the way I had her practice dancing is the same way she practices tkd. when she messes upbshe start from the beginning no matter what form she is on when she runs through them all. same with defense moves and her sparring skills. what she is worried about is the brick breaking but she has been practing that too. She is confident in her skills & so is her masters otherwise they would not have hired her a year and a half ago as their after school instructor. As you can tell I am very proud of her. In middle school she took Kung Fu too but she is only an orange sash than we moved and she never took martial arts until we met her masters. now she has found where she belongs and they make her feel like she is their little sister.
@alywoah @BrandonAlexande she is testing for her black belt in April. She is their first white to black belt student in their current location.
Your daughter kicks butt! Literally! This is awesome :) thanks for sharing
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