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Solid Black Maine Coons are pretty rare. This guy's personality is even more so. By far the most challenging cat I've ever been owned by - he's all will and stubborn determination. And he's quirky as all get-out.
His hatred of straws is well documented here - - the fact is - he's just never going to be able to resist the ritual mutilation of any straw placed within his eyesight.
He's the ambush king. Aggressive but playful - this guy thinks about ONE thing only during the time between naps - find another cat & ambush them so he can create as much chaos and havoc as possible.
Being a Maine Coon - the largest domestic cat breed - he'd normally be a bit larger than the typical male cat. Lucky for him (because he shares his kingdom with Zeph the Monster Bengal) he's larger than average for a Maine Coon (a healthy Maine Coon I might add because Maine Coons are prone to obesity and can often weigh in at heavy and unhealthy weights) - he's 17lbs - just 3 short of Zeph's weight. And he knows how to use it. He actually gets the better of Zeph on a regular basis. A clash between them is always done as sport - they truly love one another - but it can be a noisy - destructive clash... sort of like when Godzilla battles any other giant monster in Tokyo - stuff gets broken, knocked around, crushed, etc...
He and Zeph are partners in crime - never more than a few feet apart. They often sleep on top of one-another.
Not to say he doesn't often get his nap on in fun and interesting ways that don't involve Zeph... but with them it's usually monkey see - monkey do.
Fafoutis (Greek for "Toothless" - yes he is named for that same famous black with gold eyes dragon from the movies (How to Train Your Dragon)... he actually acts a lot like Toothless. I figured naming him Toothless was too "on the nose" - so I went with the Greek word meaning toothless for sport. Most of the time I just call him "Taruk" - "Last Shadow" in Na'vi ("Avatar") or the formal name for Toothless, "Night Fury"... because a lot of his foolishness occurs at night when you are trying to sleep.
Besides straws he hates toilet paper and he loves to dig in trash cans.
He's a stylish dresser - influenced by film luminaries & legends such as Sean Connery.
He knows how to chill... literally... he'll get his nap on laying on top of freezer cooling packs when the temperature gets stupid hot (as it often can in SoCal).
He too is a big fan of music... but more from the standpoint that he likes rubbing his long black coat against any guitar left sitting around - his way of letting you know he was there.
And lastly he always looks like he's up to no good... and that's because usually he is. But it's OK because he's truly one of the most beautiful and sweet cats you'll ever have cover you in black fur.
@amimerg13 - AWESOME! Thanks for pointing that out. I've discussed the differences in personal reality that people experience due to perception in many cards such as this one - I was born with a common but in my case pretty severe version of Red/Green color blindness - in fact pretty much the entire green spectrum of color is simply "blank" for me. And pastel reds are completely lost to me - the best way to describe it is I think a light pink room is eggshell white or antique white (pinks register as gray) and in the case of greens - especially bright greens such as those found in cat's eyes - or in the case of Toothless the Night Fury - they come across as gold or mustard yellow. I know that my cat Fafoutis has gold eyes - my vet has mentioned his "brilliant, beautiful, gold eyes" many times - and true Maine Coons typically are gold eyed and not green. Although they can have green - but black Maine Coons are almost always golden eyed. I know that the artist/animator at Dreamworks who designed Toothless modeled his behavior and general movements after his own black cat - not seeing green - I just assumed Toothless was gold eyed. Isn't reality fascinating? Thanks so much for the correction. It doesn't shock me like it used to. Like when my mom informed me that traffic lights were green and not blue when I was around 7 years old. I had always thought they were blue. Or when a girl I was dating in college told me that my favorite shirt and pants combo was a horrible mismatch in color - that those two shades of "green" did NOT go together - her quote was "Ray Charles could see that those are horrific together". Cruel - but she was not known for her sweetness. What's even more funny is that my best friend had gone shopping with me and "helped" me pick the combo out. I thought I was being monochromatic - light gray pants and dark gray top - he laughs to this day that I walked around looking like a pile of St. Patrick's Day vomit for a year before anyone said anything to me. Ah... being color blind can be so fun at times. But you have to laugh at stuff like that.
that's so cute, but when you mentioned toothless you said that he had gold eyes, the dragon had green eyes.
Omg. I've never seen a purebred Maine coon before! They're so furry. I can bet i would be really freaking amusing to see Fafoutis and Zephyr play around together lol.
These are amazing! And so precious!!!! Guys look: @alywoah @nicolejb
He's adorable and def looks like a handful!