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For starters we'd own all their albums.

In cassette *and* CD form. And we'd be singing their top hits at karaoke on the weekends (don't lie). I'm thinking 'Age of Ultron' was their best album, and Civil War is the controversial post-breakup attempt at a comeback. (Fanart by bobbyrubio).
But most importantly....

Remember the band superlatives?

The Spice Girls went all the way with their nicknames (I was the Posh Spice of my friends and I'm proud of it). What would the Avengers' be? GO WILD.
This is a great question. I think Thor would be one every girl has a poster of. I think Iron man would be the ego who goes after his own solo album. Bruce Banner would be the manager because he's all about (Hulk) Smash Hits. Cap would be the Dave Grohl who ends up in multiple bands. That's all I got, I think...
@BeannachtOraibh poor hulk the struggle is real 馃槩
@jevonlowery Bruce went solo, then had a change of heart. 馃槈
smh why they got got hulk in the back 馃槶
Oh, Tony would be all about fashion! He'd be about how to go casual while still looking dressed or how to dress formal in casual garb. He could even be Avenger Styled (A.S. as in Anthony Stark xD
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