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Holy canoli ya'll, 30 chapters!! This is literally the longest fic I have ever written myself. I'm rather proud. I'm so glad all of you are enjoying it, and feel free to comment or shoot me a message if you have ideas or questions. i'm usually around. As always, thank you all for enjoying the story as much as you do. You rock!!!
Krystal relaxed in bed, drawing a picture of her family as she waited for Charles to return from the mortal world. She had given him one of the keys to her world, and now he could effortlessly cross into it whenever he needed or wanted. They had moved into her castle for the last few months, and Charles had been commuting through the worlds so she could stay close to her personal doctor. Krystal took in a sharp breath. She knew that pain all to well. "Is it time now, my little lovelies?" she asked softly, giving her stomach a rub as the contraction subsided. She knew just what this was, and she wasn't at all worried. She had done this before, and knew she could do it alone if necessary. She finished the picture she had been drawing and set the sketch book down. Now it was time to page her fiancee. She knew that their son weren't going to wait long for their father.
Charles heard a small chime coming from the bracelet he wore, and he knew just what it meant. Class was ending early today. "I'm sorry everyone, but I have to cut this class short. My fiancΓ©e is in labor." His words held a hint of his excitment, but his eyes showed different. He was absolutely terrified. He still had no clue if he was going to be a good father or not. Once the professor was alone in his large office, he held the sapphire key necklace he kept hidden under his shirt in his hand. "Take me to her." he whispered, and a large door appeared in front of him, dark cherry wood accentuating the intricate gold dragon carved on it. He turned the knob, opening the door and stepping through the portal, finding Krystal simply relaxing in bed. She didn't even look the least bit worried as she rubbed her stomach, taking in even but sharp breaths. "My love, I do believe it is time. JJ is on his way here. Please, lay down with me?" Krystal asked softly, closing her eyes and wincing as another contraction came. She was handling this much the same way she did when she had JJ, with grace. It would be nice to have the love of her life by her side this time. Charles took his shoes off, climbing into the enormous bed with her and holding her close to him. He put a soft hand on her stomach, rubbing softly. "I can hear him. He likes the sound of your singing voice." he explained with a small chuckle, kissing her head chastely as he held her close. He always felt calmer when she was near.
As soon as JJ arrived, Charles was kicked out. "I'm sorry Charles, but the father isn't allowed in the delivery room. Please just wait." he told him calmly, smiling softly. He was trying to reassure the now panicking Charles. It was obvious the man was a first time father. JJ had seen this a million times at the hospital. His mother Krystal had decided to have a home birth, so JJ had volunteered to be her on call doctor for the next few weeks. After the accident and Raven's miscarriage, he had spent most of his time at home in the castle. He didn't like to talk about it, but you could see his heart was broken. It seemed like any time he tried to be happy, it was ripped from him. He smiled at his mother as he walked in, noticing she was taking in sharp breaths. "How far apart are you contractions, mommy?" he asked, walking over to examine her. He could see by her breaths they were getting even closer.
Krystal smiled aback at him before taking in another breath. "They're 2 minutes apart." she told him simply, taking in another few breaths as JJ checked to see how dialated she is. He gave her a small smile as he measured, and it was obvious she was there. JJ gave her another smile. "Alright mommy, I need you to push now." he told her evenly, though you could see the excitement in his eyes. He had always wanted a sibling, but had never thought his mother would find someone she loved as much as she loved his dad. Krystal nodded quockly, letting out a few breaths ouf befor pushing as hard as she could. It was after only a few pushes like that that their son was out. Krystal breathed out a happy sigh, until she felt yet another head. "Mommy, its twins!" he exclaimed quickly, helping the second baby - a girl- out of his mothers vagina. Even after being a doctor now for 6 years, it was still a little surreal to deliver your own half siblings. Once JJ had cleaned up both babes and wrapped them in teceiving blankets, he handed them to his mother. "I'll go get Charles."
Charles ran in, looking Krystal over. He had to make sure she was okay first before he could even think to look at his son. She gave him a large smile, holding the small twins to her. "I had a little surprise after Alexander was born." she told him softly, turning so that he could see both his son and their 4 minute younger daughter. Charles's expression showed it all. He was just as smitten with the baby girl as he was her mother. "Simply amazing" he breathed out, walking over and sliding back into bed with her before the small baby girl from Krystal. Krystal smiled, giving him a kiss. "I was hoping on naming her Serenity Raven, after our sisters." she explained softly, leaning into him tiredly. Despite having done it once before, it was still taxing to her. Charles smiled, kissingbher head as he pulledbher closer with his free arm. "That name sounds perfect. I love you."
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Haha, Glad you liked it, Lord Soft Bottom!!!! 31 is in the works. Should be up by 11ish.
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