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Discuss: What are you hoping for from Season 4?

Calling all Sherlockians!

Season 4 has officially been scheduled. And while it's going to be a while before the actors' schedules can be coordinated (thanks Marvel), we do know that Moffat is planning on a 2017 release. So... that's only a three year hiatus! And we JUST had the 2015 Christmas special. So really, that's barely any time at all.


But so we don't completely lose it while we wait, what are you hoping to see in season four? I'm sure everyone has lots of ideas! Hopefully you can keep everyone occupied until 2017...
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I never read the book but so I don't know the storyline but I'm expecting to see more scenes about Sherlock's past (especially Redbeard). Oh, and I can't wait to see who's the mastermind behind Moriaty's re-appearance.
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@cindystran I definitely recommend the books! They're a lot of fun. I definitely think we can expect more scenes from his past, I think the fans have responded really well to those so far
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