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I'm going to move into more developed relationship questions. In this instance the couple has been together for a while, but they keep fighting. Is it just me or once the initial "honeymoon" phase is done, that's when the real relationship begins.
Here's an example of a issue that came up...
Q: Me and my gf have been in a relationship for 6 months now. And it's been really great. The only thing is we keep getting in dumb fights. Either i did something wrong or she did something that urked me. I want to be open and tell her when things upset me, but it seems like we are just getting on each others nerves now! How do I get things back to where they were before? We didn't care about the little stuff, we only were interesting in having fun together. I guess how do I get passed this petty-argument phase, and get things back to just enjoying life together?
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at that point I would sit down and talk about it. State the reasons why you start the arguments, what bothers you about them and a way to solve the situation; let her do the same. This way you both tell each other what's bothering you two and come to a mutual agreement.
when a couple have confirmed their relationship status, most of them are starting to feel trapped.. no more honeymoon feeling. no longer feel free to do anything or have fun with anyone because you feel bound by the status. it same situation like married. so then it began day after day you feel bored and bland and...started fighting and seek for mistake from both of you. when this happen; 1. Think...consider the purpose/goal of your relationship. Healthy relationship is not just having fun time together but when in hard time, you need both to backup each other. 2. Ask both of you, why it so easy to start a fight. remember your love moment when you both meet for the first time and when you had a honeymoon moment.. 3. if only you who work hard to fix the situation then maybe both of you not ready for further relationship.. or are you willing to be patience forever in this relationship? or take a break and give everyone a time to breath.
try and talk about it and figure out why and out egos aside hope that solves some of the things
It's completely normal to argue a lot after the honeymoon stage. you guys are still getting to know each other and your habits and learning to work with them. instead of arguing try to talk in calm manner asking what it is exactly bothering you and on how you can fix it
dont argue against each other its not good for the relationship. 1. you both have to trust each other. 2. no matter what if one of you is wrong both of you are wrong. 3. trust each other