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Afternoon Vinglers ! Cosmo School has been going great im learning so much. I'm currently in my second semster and loving it. Our schedule is 9-11,11 lunch then 1-4 we are on the floor. I love being on the floor and getting to do actual hair and not manaquin hair. I don't know why ï didn't think of this sooner but im just now starting to take pictures of actual clients now. I've done relaxers, rollersets pincurls and many other things. I wanted to share these with you guys. If you have any questions about Cosmo School or how ï executed something you see please let me know . -GéGé
I did face framing layers then just angled them more toward her face with a straightener. The client showed me a picture of hedi klum with a full bang and face framing layers and ï based it off that. In the back we kept her long bob and added long layers for movement. Now the lip gloss is ike a gloss tube ï got it from cvs or Walgreens the brand is frost and shine its like a tinted purple and ï added black to it which made it grey. @cindystran
Cosmo school sounds like a lot of fun! If you don't mind I have a few questions. The first picture you posted -- what kind of layers did you do? Also, what kind of lipstick/lip gloss are you using? I love the color! :)