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Despite his questionable remarks about immigrants, Donald Trump's presidential campaign continues to roll on.
His latest speech blunder happened yesterday after his win in Nevada. Trump smacked his supporters in the face, and from the quotes online, it seems as if they liked it.
After his third straight victory, the Republican frontrunner's comments that he "won with poorly educated! I love the poorly educated! We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people."
I'm amazed at the fact that people are actually taking this as a compliment.
Donald lets loose harsh remarks about immigrants and people in a different economic situation than him and gets praised for it.
Sadly, Donald Trump saying he loves the poorly educated, the single most honest moment of his campaign thus far.
It's crazy to me that he can say that and still get so many supporters. :(
The Dems say something similar all the time: they do well in the polls when people with lower incomes and less access to higher education go out and vote. Being intentionally ignorant isn't something to brag about, but you don't get all your smarts in school. And if your school district is garbage and you can't afford to go somewhere else it doesn't make you any less. I have a lot of issues with Trump but I think this one is probably just a matter of poor word choice