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This girl needs an Oscar!

Me and my friend were watching love song by bi rain. We noticed the lead girl in the video....
Rain was singing on top of the lead girl that was sleeping! We were like......
My friend had said, "That girl deserves an Oscar! If it was me I would've attacked him *wink* if you know what I mean."
Here is the video so you can see what we mean. After looking at it, tell me what you think? What would you do? Isn't her performance Oscar worthy?
@biancadanica98 i almost cried out when he tore his shirt off...i was like😮
How many takes did the camera crew have to take for that one bed scene? If it was me.... they'd have to make it where I was not facing the camera because I would be crackin' up!
No kidding .. I wonder how many takes it took to make that video! Lol! (She actually is a really good actress named Han Ye Seul, and she's a California girl!)