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I don't like to gender stereotype, but I've noticed a pattern in my own life between when I text my guy friends and when I text my ladies.
I text my group message of ladies and it's a long discussion about how we feel, or something that is happening in our live.
But text my guy friends and they just want to hear how I'm doing mostly or tell me the basics of their life.

I did a little research and found that I'm not the only one that sees the difference.

In a research study by the American Psychological Association, it evaluated 211 females and 192 males communicating via text, and found notable gender differences in overall behavior and compulsive use:
Females use it for social connection, whereas males mostly use it to convey information.
Males and female send about the same number of texts every day, but females are more likely to become compulsive texters. --- that is they are more likely to be "addicted" to texting.

So, to sum it all up! Ladies like to text a lot and connect with people, which males use it to send a message, strictly communication tactics.

The difference might play out like this:
"How are you?! It hasn't been a while since we talked!"
"Hey, how'd you do on that paper in Spanish?"
That's not to say that guys can be open to sharing their emotions, etc via text.
And it's not to say that ladies don't use texting just to get info.

It can work both ways, folks.

Another question I would LOVE to dive into is what the difference in texting is for different ages. I feel in High School and College that was a HUGE way that I talked to my friends, now I just use it to set up coffee dates or Skype sessions instead.

How do you use texting?!

I have the biggest peeves when it comes to texting, I get so annoyed when people text first then never reply and I'm always the one to text first, its frustrating lol
and I hate when we text for 24/7 for a week then never hear from you again for the next 10 months
Hahah yeah I text constantly. I hate when people don't text back. My favorite thing is when people say hi first, and then you reply with yeah how are you? And they never respond. Wtf!
to long didn't read =tldr but that's not for me to answer @jordanhamilton
@jordanhamilton hahaha at least I know somebody who don't know what tldr is
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