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Robert Griffin III Days With The Redskins Are Over

The RG3 era in Washington has come to an end.

Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen has announced that Quarterback Robert Griffin III will play elsewhere next season.
Allen told the Dan Sileo Show on The Mighty 1090 in San Diego that Griffin would not be on the roster next season.
"I see Robert getting an opportunity with another team," Allen said. "We've heard from some teams that are interested. I think he's going to have a choice of a couple teams that will let him excel in the future."
It's great to see that the Redskins didn't ship him away and force him into a roster situation where he wouldn't be comfortable. It seems as if they are happy with Kirk Cousins being their guy as quarterback. RG3 was very successful from the door but suffered some tough injuries after his rookie year.
With the right team, RG3 has the skills to emerge again and make a lot of noise in the league.

Did the Redskins make the right choice on RG3?

Where do you think he will land next?

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@evanyanetti I agree, I think the amount he was due to get paid played a factor in letting him go in the end
2 years ago·Reply
@mchylang I'm still a little questionable on if Cousins is really the man for this job though
2 years ago·Reply
I do think they built him up really well and would have had a dynamite QB, but he got injured and they let him play in hopes of a SB and not only got eliminated but he got hurt even worse and was never the same after that
2 years ago·Reply
I originally though DAMN THEY GOT A QB NOW.....THEY MIGHT DOMINATE THE NFC EAST.....but then that happened and my hopes of seeing a RAVENS vs REDSKINS superbowl was quickly dashed
2 years ago·Reply
Idk man, Alfred Morris was an undrafted add and Pierre Garçon and D-Jax are solid, but not game changers. They never drafted a stud WR or TE since he arrived, or invested heavily in a o-line to protect him
2 years ago·Reply