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Marvel Community Check-In 2/25/16

What's going on in the Marvel community?

Community leader @LAVONYORK suggested that we do a weekly newsletter to catch up with each other and keep everyone posted about all the exciting stuff we have going on!!! So here we go!

It's been a wild week!

Check out what's been happening in the community!
+We had TWO birthdays! Best wishes to @peahyr and @nobankai (you can tell them yourself HERE and HERE).
+Have a favorite Marvel game? @jevonlowery wants to chat with you HERE
+Love Deadpool? Need the sequel ASAP? Let's see what everyone is hoping for from the Merc with the Mouth HERE
+To help everyone get close, we're doing an informal community survey! Check out THIS awesome one by @xroyalreisx

Your to-do list:

We've gotta keep you busy somehow, right?
+Add your birthday to our list HERE so we don't forget to celebrate!
+If you've never made a card before there's a guide right HERE
+Comment! Here's how. We want to hear from you!
+Check out the community! It's the best way to make sure you don't miss anything ^_^


1. What would you like to see more of in the community?
Are you thirsty for more news? Something to laugh about with us? More polls?
2. Who is your favorite Marvel villain?
Just a simple question to break the ice!
Leave your comments here!

New? Say hello!

We don't bite (unless you ask us to) so please introduce yourself here! We want to talk to you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

And to the rest of you: Keep it weird.
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Thanos is my favorite but I feel like The Red Skull has a special place in my heart. Mostly because of Cap. And this community is great!!! I am glad I left stand-by mode!!
a year ago·Reply
@LAVONYORK he's ok, getting a stint put in today later on
a year ago·Reply
That sounds good, I hope that is able to increase his blood flow and everything bounces back. The human body is still a total mystery and it can take something small that no one causes to gave your veins narrowing. I have a similar problem but it's kidney related. My body decided to grow a new vein to help out my heart, however that vain is nothing like the real thing meaning the same type of blood flow.
a year ago·Reply
Yea well he's stuborn (probably where I get it from) I think he's not telling us everything
a year ago·Reply
@TehDL we're glad too!
a year ago·Reply